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Remembering Us is the life story of two people who are not famous, not wealthy in money or possessions, and not in the news headlines or tabloids. It is not a “tell-all” life story. It is the story of Cynthia and Tasso who came from humble backgrounds, met, fell in love, and proceeded to build a life together. It tells of their struggles, their accomplishments, their successes, and their failures as they strived to find themselves, build careers, and raise a family together. They chose Atlanta, Georgia, to be their home as it was a city where it was known that people of color could live well and be successful, if they were educated and willing to put in the work. It is a story of love, faith, commitment, and what can happen when two people are determined to be together and share their lives in spite of all the odds against them.

About CJ Thomas

CJ Thomas is a retired State of Georgia government employee, mother, and grandmother who is pursuing her newfound passion for writing.

The following poems were written after the death of my husband of 37 years as a way to understand and deal with my grief.

They are a part of the upcoming book that tells the story of my life with him.

Every Day

By cjthomas

Every day I miss you 

Every day I cry 

Every day I’m lonely 

Every day I ask why 

Every day I’m sad 

Every day I’m blue

Every day I’m feeling lost 

Because I don’t have you  

Every day I want you 

Every day I need you 

Every day I wonder 

How I’ll live without you   

And even though I’m hurting   

And even though I’m blue   

Every day I’m glad I shared my life with you!     

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My Thoughts of You

by cjthomas

No matter where I go

No matter what I do

There is no way to escape

My thoughts of you

Whether dark or bright

Whether day or night

There is no way to escape

My thoughts of you

I love you so

You have to know

There is no way to escape

My thoughts of you

Whether happy or sad

Whether good or bad

There is no way to escape

My thoughts of you!


Without You

by cjthomas

I eat, I sleep

I walk, I talk

I laugh, I cry

The days go by

But it's not the same

No one's to blame

It's all a part of this game we play called Life!

The joys, the pains

The sunshine, the rain

The tears, the fears

Make up the years I now must live

Without You!

It's hard to know

How will it go?

Which path to take?

What difference will it make?

Now that I have to do it all

Without You!

My Life with Him

I first met Tasso when I was only 14 years old.  I was visiting my first cousin in Auburn, Alabama.  Her father and my mother were siblings.  Even though her parents had divorced many years earlier, they always made sure we kept in touch with each other.  My aunt and uncle had both taught Tasso at Drake High School in Auburn where Tasso was a star basketball player.  He was known to average at least 26 points a game and I was told that all the girls had a crush on him.  I am sure my cousin was no exception as she was very excited that he had come to visit!  I was also told that he was known to be kind of quiet and shy, and in spite of all the local girls who deemed themselves in love with him, he did not have a girlfriend at the time. I clearly remember that day; him sitting quietly on the piano stool, not saying much; just quietly observing everyone and everything in the room.  He didn't say much and he didn't stay long.  He told me years later that he knew our paths would cross again.  He was graduating from high school and I was just starting.  He said he had to wait for me to grow up.  He was right...our paths did cross again, years later as I was preparing for my high school graduation and looking forward to college.

Book Signing Event

Announce coming events

Greetings! I am so excited to announce that I will be at the Nubian Bookstore at  1540 Southlake Pkwy in Morrow, GA 30260  on June 1, 2018 from 6pm - 8pm. I will be signing copies of my book. Please join me!  I will be thrilled to see you there!